Outdoor Gazebo

Making Your Outdoor Gazebo Design A Reality

A gazebo is often found in a person's backyard since it provides an open shelter with its design of having a roof that is supported with columns. The design of this structure is intended for the outdoors in order to allow in light and air while providing protection against direct sunlight and rain. They are usually made of sturdy materials like wood or metal.

Constructing a Gazebo

The immediate reaction of the majority of people who want a gazebo is to head out to the store and purchase one that has already been put together. Too many people overlook the option of building their own gazebo. In making their own they can add a personal touch in its design and make the gazebo as large or small as they like.

Choosing to build a personal gazebo can actually work out to be cheaper than purchasing a pre-made structure. Building one does require more time and energy than simply buying one, but it provides a unique opportunity for a person to make something for their home by hand. If a person has the time to take on a project like this, it can be a rewarding experience.

The essential items that are required are building blocks, screws, framing square, anchors, staples, fiberglass, cable, and a chop saw. Once these materials have been gathered, a person must decide where they want the gazebo to be placed. When a place has been chosen, an edge must be framed out and joined with a screw.

The joist must then be lifted in the center in order for the joists to be connected with one another. The building blocks should then be carefully put into place where they will reside underneath the floor.

The anchor cable will be threaded through the joist so this point must be marked with precision so that the cable can be fastened tightly. It is of the utmost importance that the cable is fastened very tightly since it essentially serves as the support system of the entire structure. If it is not tightly fastened, the entire structure could collapse once it is finished.

The last step of the process calls for the builder to assemble the fiberglass with screws in order to form the deck plank. Once this step is complete, the gazebo is done. Accessories like a canopy can be a nice litte extra touch that can be added to improve the aesthetics of the structure and provide some personal flair to the project.