Outdoor Gazebo

A Review of the Coleman Garden Gazebo

It is possible to have a gazebo in the backyard or garden for a wide variety of reasons that make it fun for the owner and visitors. Unlike in the past, it is now possible to put in a permanent or temporary gazebo; it all depends on what you prefer to do. The nice thing about temporary gazebos is that they can be put to use for a variety of functions yet don’t have very many complications when setting them up or taking them down.

The Coleman garden gazebo in particular, has an excellent design that makes it look beautiful without losing any of its many uses. The Coleman garden gazebo makes your backyard or garden look more elegant and also makes it easier to carry out a great deal of activities.

The general appearance of the Coleman garden gazebo is reminiscent of the Victorian era because of the off white color combined with the raised cupola up on top of the gazebo. Because its coloration is rather light, this gazebo can get dirty rather easily. Nevertheless, it can also be easily cleaned and comes with instructions on how to do this.

Information about the Coleman Garden Gazebo

The Coleman garden gazebo measures 14 by 12 feet. These dimensions are perfect for putting in a table in the center that is laden with food for guests with chairs here and there for seating. In the middle of the gazebo, the height is a bit higher because of the raised cupola which the Coleman garden gazebo has for better air flow.

This gazebo also features a few doors that can be left open or shut for more easy access to the gazebo or to keep bugs from entering the gazebo to annoy the guests or contaminate the food and drink.

The top of the garden gazebo is great for providing guests with a bit of shade on hot, sunny days, or for keeping them dry during light rains. During rain storms though, the people that make the Coleman garden gazebo suggest that guests go elsewhere because the rain might accumulate on the roof of the structure.

Another nice thing about the Coleman garden gazebo is that it can be just picked up and transported to another section of the garden or backyard if you wish. This is especially nice if you want to avoid killing the grass beneath the gazebo.

The top of this garden gazebo and its general materials are constructed of UV Guard materials which help in making sure that dangerous UV rays don’t penetrate through to burn you or any guests. It is colored an off white that happens to go well with the garden or backyard greenery while not losing any of its elegant look.

It’s also good to know that the Coleman garden gazebo is somewhat resistant to fire and is guaranteed to stand up to the elements to a certain extent.