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The Uses Of A Garden Gazebo Canopy

The lucky among us have gardens so lovely that we just want to be there all the time. The colorful flowers and well cared for plants provide such a great backdrop and peaceful scene that this part of a residence sometimes ends up being the favored area for rest and relaxation. You might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of offerings that a garden gazebo canopy provides.

You might also be surprised by the number of garden gazebo canopy designs that are available. There are so many that it’s hard not to believe that there is something for every garden lover. The different types of designs also come in a variety of sizes and can be custom made to fit the dimensions of most any garden. A lot of people go for garden gazebo canopies supported by metal framing rather than a wooden garden gazebo canopy because of ease in transporting the metal framed gazebo canopies.


The main purpose of the garden gazebo canopy is to provide shelter. To meet this need, the canopy is constructed of durable metal framing and strong polyester or tarpaulin. The tarpaulin canopy is good for protection from all of the elements (as long as they aren’t too harsh), while the polyester canopies are mostly designed to provide shade from a hot sun. Most people go for a tarpaulin canopy because this is more versatile than the polyester canopy.

An issue with using a tarpaulin canopy, though, is that this material doesn’t last as long after frequent exposure to hot sun, heavy rain, or snow. Because of this, tarpaulin canopies need to be replaced now and then (although the framing can stay). The disadvantage of Polyester, and the reason that many people don’t like it, is that it can’t offer any sort of protection from elements harsher than light rain or sun.

A few designs for garden gazebo canopies happen to provide protection from bugs such as mosquitoes due to nets and screens that can also be tied back when the bugs aren’t around. When pesky insects do come out, the screens keep them from entering the gazebo but also still allow air flow. In addition to providing shelter for people, shade plants also benefit from a garden gazebo canopy. If plastic is put over the canopy, you can actually also create somewhat of a greenhouse effect for your gazebo.

A garden gazebo canopy is also good for other things but is best for providing shelter for such functions as parties, weddings, funerals, and storage among other possibilities.