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The Merits Of A Metal Garden Gazebo

Metal garden gazebos come in a variety of forms and designs. While those constructed of heavy, wrought iron are definitely permanent in nature, several other types are much lighter in weight and designed to be transportable or easily taken down or set up. As opposed to stone or cement gazebos, metal garden gazebos come with quite a few benefits. Nevertheless, metal garden gazebos also have their disadvantages.


Among the good things associated with metal garden gazebos, their light weight is a major bonus. This allows for easy transport and mobility of the gazebo and therefore it can be placed in one area of the garden and then moved elsewhere or even taken down depending upon the situation. This really comes in handy if you have the gazebo on top of the grass because it allows you to move it around to different spots to avoid killing the grass in one particular area of the lawn.

One of the other pluses of owning a metal garden gazebo light in weight is that it can be taken down or set up in a simple, quick fashion. In fact, certain types of lightweight metal garden gazebos are so easy to set up or take down that you may not even have to look at the manual (although instructions are always provided). Canopies for this type of garden gazebo are typically either tarpaulin or polyester.

Tarpaulin is best for shelter from the elements that all four seasons bring because of its thick nature. On the other hand, polyester is lighter and cheaper but it is only suitable for protection against the sun and light rain. Because it is lighter in weight, though, a polyester canopy is also easier to install.

The heavy, wrought iron, metal garden gazebos are permanent in nature but work well for decorating the garden. This type of gazebo makes a good fit for the larger gardens because due to its decorative nature, this is a type of gazebo that should be easily visible. These are very heavy but they aren’t designed to be portable in any case so that shouldn’t be a problem once you decide upon a permanent site. Although iron can rust, keep in mind, that you can replace rusty parts or paint the gazebo with a special type of rust proof paint.


Owning a metal garden gazebo does have its downside. If you have a wrought iron gazebo, you will have to keep it maintained with rust proofing to keep it looking elegant and intact. The light, easily movable metal gazebos usually aren’t that prone to rusting but are not near as sturdy as a wrought iron gazebo.

In fact, they can sometimes fall down in very strong winds or if water pooling on the canopy weighs down the structure.