Outdoor Gazebo

A Metal Patio Gazebo or a Wooden One?

It is often tough to figure out whether you would like to have a wood or metal patio gazebo, but in thinking about the ups and downs of either choice, you should be able to decide upon a gazebo that is perfect you and whatever you need it for.


Metal gazebos have a lot of good things going for them, their strength being an especially important factor. Metal patio gazebos are very strong, long lasting, and can endure even through even the harshest of elements and seasons. This helps in not having to be as concerned about putting something on the gazebo to cover it when the sleet and snow of winter gets especially bad.

However, the down side of the metal patio gazebo is that compared to wood gazebos, they are not near as versatile. You can’t change the color of the metal patio gazebo the same way that you can change the color of a wooden one. While you can stain or paint wood, this just isn’t the case for metal gazebos.


For the wood gazebo, a major advantage over a metal patio gazebo is its traditional appearance. While looking around for a gazebo, you will probably see that almost all of them are wooden because this is so traditional.

A down side of the wood patio gazebo is that even though they aren’t exactly weak and are very durable, it may take more materials to make them this way than a metal patio gazebo.

Screens are some of the extra accessories possible for your gazebo. The wonderful thing about having a screened gazebo is that the annoying mosquitoes and other flying insects are excluded from the gazebo and all of the fun that you can have with it.

Whichever type of gazebo you go for, you will certainly find the best one at the best price by spending lots of time looking and shopping for one. This is so important because there are so many possibilities to choose from that you are certain to find exactly what you had hoped for.

Yet another possibility is constructing a metal or wood patio gazebo designed just for you. Experience in building or constructing things for the home is not even necessary because there are several excellent gazebo kits available that provide instructions and just about everything else needed to begin building your gazebo.