Outdoor Gazebo

When Is A Wooden Garden Gazebo Best?

Whether or not you should get a wooden garden gazebo simply depends upon what you prefer as far as gazebos go. Some instances seem perfect for a wooden garden gazebo although it essentially comes down to the amount of money you have for investing in a gazebo combined with where you are going to put it.

A wooden gazebo might be perfect for certain situations according to some professionals in this field, or this may just depend upon the gazebo’s design. Certain gazebo designs are better for metal garden gazebos or even gazebos constructed of stone rather than one made of wood.

Wooden Garden Gazebo Designs

The best designs for wooden garden gazebo are those that lack doors. Typically, instead of doors, wooden garden gazebos have sides and walls that have a lattice structure because this gives a rather private alcove for people using the gazebo. Walls such as these are often colored white or some other light color.

Other aspects of the wooden garden gazebo are supports for the roof and posts for the latticework. A design as such has been commonplace for more than a century and works well with houses that are more Victorian in style. Although they look nice at houses like so, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wooden garden gazebo with a house that has another type of architecture.

Some of the other wooden gazebo designs include those with four, rather simple posts, not too high walls, and a roof that slopes. Designs such as this are simpler in nature and are preferred by homeowners who desire a quaint, somewhat traditional gazebo that also has a different look to it. Wooden gazebo designs are also available that impart an Oriental appearance. Gazebos designs such as these can include gazebos with roofs and a general structure that is influenced by Chinese architecture.

The gazebos with designs that are Oriental in nature are often placed in Japanese or Chinese gardens. These go quite well with their surroundings and can add a beautiful touch to gardens that are planted with Oriental trees and flowers such as peach and bonsai.

Gazebo Function

Shelter is the principle function of a gazebo. The wooden garden gazebo provides shelter but also makes a garden more decorated and beautiful. It can be placed such that it is the main piece in the garden while the various plantings are highlights.

The wooden garden gazebo provides shade on hot days while also adding beauty to your garden. For this reason, they are very popular as places for sitting, relaxing, and enjoying the surroundings.